Jenny & Graham Testimonial

Originally from busy Brisbane, Graham and Jenny relocated seeking a change from the bustle of the city and that's when they discovered the comfortable and simple home base of Thyme Lifestyle Communities ticked a lot of boxes. Thyme's amenities, such as caravan storage and beautifully manicured gardens, offered a level of convenience that was hard to resist

"It's very convenient, we can lock up and go on trips - we went traveling for nine months without having to worrying about the house."

                                                                     - Jenny & Graham 

Sterling & Jennifer

Before even stepping foot in their new home Sterling and Jennifer made modifications ensuring everything perfectly suited their needs. The freedom to lock up and embark on trips was a significant draw for them and their choice of a Daintree model, featuring three bedrooms and two bathrooms, has provided the spaciousness and privacy they desired. 

"It ticked all the boxes - It's very livable and the community is fantastic, we all have so much in common!"

                                                              - Sterling & Jennifer

Julie & Lindsay

After years of residing in Port Douglas, Julie and Lindsay decided to make a change. The high cost of living and the substantial upkeep required for their previous home became too burdensome and that's when they discovered Thyme Lifestyle Resort – a mere 40-minute drive from Smithfield, offering an unbeatable blend of convenience and tranquility.

"We spent two years looking for the right spot but finally landed on Mareeba! We love the location and community."

                                                                    - Julie & Lindsay