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How to choose the right Lifestyle Resort





Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom

Whether you’re looking for yourself or helping your parents make the move, finding a Lifestyle Resort that is the right fit can feel like a big task. There’s plenty of factors to consider but knowing what your priorities are and using that as a basis can narrow down the options. So, where to start? Well, read on. 

Location - where do you see yourself enjoying retirement? 

First and foremost, establish a location that you’d like to live in. Are you looking for something close to where you are now? Are you one for the sea-side or do you enjoy being amongst nature in the country? Having an idea of where you want to live will narrow down the options. 

When considering a location, it’s important to look into what the surrounding town offers. For the sake of convenience, check how far away it is from grocery stores and shopping centres. Your weekly shop should be close-by and easily accessible. It’s also good to check for the availability of public transport; are there bus stops or trains nearby? For those who have regular appointments with medical specialists or GPs, it’s good to check how close the Lifestyle Resort is to these facilities, as well as the pharmacy and hospital. Considering your life admin can seem tedious but it’s an important factor when choosing a Lifestyle Resort that’s right for you. 

On the more fun side of things, consider whether the location supports the things you’re passionate about. For example, if you enjoy good food and dining out, then see if the Lifestyle Resort is close to restaurants, cafes or farmers markets. Proximity to the things you enjoy is worth considering; this time is yours to make the most out of!

Financial freedom 

You’ve spent years working hard and now it’s time to focus on you and the things that make you happy. Knowing your finances and choosing a home that allows you to feel financially free and secure is essential. Establish your budget for a home that allows you to live within your means and feel happy and comfortable, then look into Lifestyle Resorts that fit this criteria.  

Financial freedom is at the core of Thyme’s purpose. As such, Thyme Lifestyle Resort is a land lease community that provides a very affordable option for over 50s. This means that you own the home and lease the land, which is covered by a weekly site fee. Better yet, when buying a home at Thyme Lifestyle Resort, there are no entry fees or stamp duty payable. Add to that, when it comes time to sell, there are no exit fees and you get to keep 100% of the capital gain on your sale price. All of these factors combined make for a fantastic, affordable way to live in a beautiful home and enjoy the peace of financial freedom. 

Facilities to keep you active, social and busy

Lifestyle Resorts are excellent because there’s so many activities available to you. At Thyme Lifestyle Resort, fun and a sense of community are of the utmost importance, and the facilities reflect this. Here, you’ll find facilities to keep you active, social and busy. Across our locations in Evans Head, Hervey Bay and Moreton Bay, our facilities are different but can include a range of the the following: 

  • Fitness Studio
  • A pool
  • A  spa
  • Bowling green
  • Cinema 
  • Health & Wellness centre 
  • Clubhouse or Country Club 
  • Tennis court
  • Hobby shed 
  • Veggie garden
  • Library
  • Arts & Crafts Studio

At Thyme Lifestyle Resort, every day is a chance to do an activity you love or try something new, all while mingling with a community of like-minded people. To see if any of our three Lifestyle Resorts are the right fit for you, get in touch with our team about organising a tour of the Lifestyle Resort, meet with the homeowners and see what they love about the place, or request a copy of the most recent social calendar. Thyme also hosts a range of events across each location, subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about them.

Choosing a Lifestyle Resort is exciting! It’s a chance to sit back and think about the things you value most and then find a place that fits right in with that. When considering Thyme Lifestyle Resort, you can expect modern homes, luxurious facilities and stunning locations that allow you more time to do the things you love. Explore our wonderful locations using the links below or get in touch with us for any queries. 

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Our Locations

Hervey Bay

Take a look at our lifestyle resort in Hervey Bay

  • Close to the town centre
  • Gated community 
  • Close to water
  • Pet friendly
  • Caravan parking

Evans Head

Take a look at our Lifestyle Resort in Evans Head

  • Pet friendly 
  • Gated community
  • Close to the water
  • Restaurants & cafes close-by
  • Open green spaces 

Moreton Bay

Take a look at our Lifestyle Resort in Moreton Bay

  • Gated community
  • Pet friendly 
  • Stunning bushland and gumtrees 
  • Caravan & boat storage
  • Close to shops & healthcare